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Emergency solution for rural Fire Chiefs

Video below explains how a rural Fire Chief uses InstaConference to quickly dispatch correct Volunteer Firemen.

Emergency solution for industries

Video below shows how InstaConference is used during industrial emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insta-conference is a cloud-based dial-out audio conferencing service.

Insta-conference service can be used to bring decision makers and first responders into a quick audio conference when facing an emergency situation.

Phone numbers of the first responders are loaded on the Insta-conference server during account set up phase. When needed, the initiator simply makes a phone call to the Insta-conference server. The Insta-conference server authenticates the initiator based on the Caller-ID received and then triggers the dial-out process. As first responders answer their calls, they are automatically placed into the conference.

As part of the initial setup, the first responders are guided to add the Insta-Conference’s number as an Emergency Contact on their cell phone. For example, the contact could be, ‘Fire Chief’. When the first responder receives the call the cell phone will display ‘Fire Chief’ suggesting that Fire Chief needs his/her help for an impending emergency. In addition, the first responder can further associate a different ring signal on his/her phone for calls originating from Insta-conference.

Insta-conference service can also support SMS blast. A link to the Insta-conference server can be texted to the first responder. If the first responder clicks on that link he/she will join the on-going conference. This capability can be used by first responders that are in an area with poor cell coverage.

The service cost depends on the number of people called and the frequency of use. Please send an email to to discuss your use case and obtain a quote.

You can use the Sign-up page or send an email to You can use the Sign-up page or send an email to