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XOP Networks Inc's Insta-Conference Hosted Service: The Lifeline for Rural Fire Chiefs in Emergency Situations

Dallas, TX - Rural fire chiefs face unique challenges when it comes to coordinating emergency response efforts. Today, XOP Networks Inc. is proud to announce the availability of Insta-Conference, a groundbreaking cloud-based dial-out audio conferencing service designed specifically to empower rural fire chiefs in informing and dispatching volunteer firemen swiftly during emergency situations.

Using Insta-Conference the Rural Fire Chiefs can:

  • Meet 911 dispatch and the volunteer firemen on a dial-out audio conference.
  • Select the correct set of volunteers (Fire-Fighters, EMTs etc.) in real time.
  • Dispatch volunteers within seconds (rather than 10's of minutes) so that more lives can be saved.
  • The service is extremely robust (99.999% available), which is a necessity for handling emergency situations.

    "With our Insta-Conference hosted service, rural fire chiefs can swiftly inform and dispatch their volunteer firemen, enabling faster response times and ultimately saving lives." said Sudhir Gupta, CEO at XOP Networks, Inc

    Insta-Conference is now available for rural fire departments nationwide. To learn more about the service or to request a demonstration, please visit the Insta-Conference web portal.

    About XOP Networks Inc:

    XOP Networks Inc. is a leading provider of advanced audio-conferencing solutions whose mission is to empower organizations and individuals with efficient communication tools that enhance collaboration, improve response times, and increase productivity.

    The "XOP" in the company's name signifies "*Everything Over Packets.*" With advances in voice over packet technologies and the continued growth of the Internet, the stage has been set for a revolution of new applications and services.

    About Sudhir Gupta

    Sudhir has been involved in building venture-backed high-technology companies for years and is currently nurturing this company in the space of value-added services for the burgeoning VoIP network.

    According to Sudhir, "Our Insta-Conference dial-out conferencing service is designed to save valuable time when every second counts. The time saved may make a difference if someone lives or dies."

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